Hamlet (Spain)

Born From Pain (Holland)

Deez Nuts (Autralia)

Escuela de Odio (Spain)

Brutality Will Prevail (UK)

No Turning Back (Holland)

Proudz (Spain)

Dagoba (France)

Ktulu (Spain)

For The Glory (Portugal)

Hora Zulú (Spain)

More Than A Thousand (Portugal)

Wasted Bullet (Holland)

Vita Imana (Spain)

Sober (Spain)

To Kill Achilles (UK)

The Great Southern (Pantera tribute) (Spain)

Hacride (France)

Shoot The Girl First (France)

Bolu2Death (Spain)

Strawberry Hardcore (Spain)

KOP (Spain)

Insanity (Suiza/Swiss)

Fuckop Family (Spain)

The Royal (Holland)

Anal Hard (Spain)

Alea Jacta Est (France)

Billy The Kid (Costa Rica)

Brothers Till We Die (Spain)

Last Hope (Bulgaria)

We Ride (Spain)

STAB (Belgium)

United And Strong (Germany)

Vendetta Fucking Metal (Spain)

Seita (Holland)

The Entire Past (Germany)

In Mute (Spain)

Smash Hit Combo (France)

Morphium (Spain)

Childrain (Spain)

Moments (Belgium)

Tenpel (Spain)

Ways. (France)

Noiseast (Spain)

Dawn Of Justice (France)

XXL (Spain)

Blaxem (Chile)

Borderlands (Portugal)

Red Square Scenario (Austria)

As Prayers Fail (Holland)

The Medusa Smile (Portugal)

My Autumn (Rusia)

The Brutal Deceiver (France)

Vortice (Spain)

Resurrection (Belgium)

Cannibal Grandpa (Spain)



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